Choosing The Best Event Venue

Aug 24, 2022

Choosing the ideal venue for your event can make a huge difference. There are several factors to take into account when choosing a venue, whether you’re organising a large multi-day conference, a cocktail reception, an opulent awards gala, a business meeting, or an industry event. At SEVEN Villa Hotel & Spa, we host a multitude of events year-round, so here are our top five suggestions for selecting a venue for your upcoming event.

1. Location

It’s important that the location is easy for your guests to find, especially if they’re travelling for the event. Make sure there are plenty of parking options nearby and that the property is close to common transportation drop-off locations if you’re looking at venues in a city. If the event will last more than one day, look for a location close to some tourist attractions so that your attendees will have something to do in between event sessions. Here at SEVEN Villa Hotel & Spa, we are known for our stunning venue options and convenient location. We also have a variety of activities to keep guests entertained during their downtime.

2. Capacity and Space Flexibility

You should take the capacity of the venue into account when selecting the best location for your event. It will appear crowded if the area is too tiny; or empty and under-attended if the room is too big. The majority of venues list the maximum capacity for each of their rooms, so you should always try to slightly undershoot that number with your goal attendance. In essence, it should have enough space for attendees and all of the supplies you’ll need. Remember, attendees consist of guests, presenters, entertainers, helpers, volunteers, and everyone else involved in your event. A stage, speakers, or any other specialised lighting you would require in the area should also be taken into account. The location should have everything you need for your event to run smoothly.

3. Services and Amenities

It’s crucial to learn what services a location can provide. Whether you’re organising a press conference in the morning, a business meeting in the afternoon, a cocktail reception in the evening, or a formal dinner banquet, make sure the venue has experience hosting these types of events. Also, ensure that the venue will appoint staff to be solely responsible for helping you plan the menu, the beverages, and the audio and visual support you’ll need. The best locations are those with their own in-house catering and audio-visual services because they have everything on hand, are familiar with the area inside and out, and can quickly come up with creative solutions if you or your guests have last-minute needs on the day of your event. If you need a service that the venue does not provide, find out if you’ll be charged for the service if you hire it separately. Also, check to see if there are any function venues available, whether they be indoor, outdoor, or both, and if the location has any extra furnishings you would require for your event, such as tables and chairs.

4. Budget

Most of the time, the cost ends up being the deciding factor when selecting a venue. Look for locations that have reasonable rental fees that include linens, room setups, and other necessities. Some locations will charge you a set fee for the space plus additional fees for the use of tables, chairs, and linens, so be sure to specifically ask what is included. The best locations are those without minimums for food and drinks because you have more freedom to design the menu you want while staying on budget.

5. The Service You Receive Prior to Booking

The experience you have with the salesperson or salespeople before you secure the venue can provide a wealth of information on the experience you can expect for your event. See how quickly the location replies to your questions and take note of how they treat you during your interaction.

Additionally, you want to pay great attention to how your site visit went. Though a brochure may claim one thing, what you actually see with your own eyes could reveal something quite different. How are you greeted by the sales team and other employees? How are they treating you while you are touring their facilities? Is the location tidy? Are the grounds maintained? A website’s claims and what you discover there should be consistent.

Choosing the right venue to host your next event is one of the most important decisions an event planner has to make. Your choice of location influences many of your other decisions and can make or break the experience. At SEVEN Villa Hotel & Spa, we work hard to make sure your event is everything you want it to be. Our knowledgeable team is available to assist you in making sure that everything goes as planned. Contact us today for more details.