Surviving your multigenerational family vacation

Oct 31, 2022

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, time spent with family and loved ones has become more meaningful. So much so that we may be tempted to embark on a generational adventure with our entire families, otherwise known as a family reunion.

Catching up with relatives and making memories may sound sentimental, but in reality they can be challenging to endure, let alone organise.

Here are a few suggestions to get you through: 

Have a family discussion 

When you’re traveling as a large group of people – especially from different generations – there is potential for disagreements and miscommunication. It’s important to all be on the same page before the start of your trip to avoid friction. This discussion should include accommodation, eating arrangements and, above all, money. Make sure that everyone is on board with the budget and will stick to it.

Create a budget and stick to it

Following on from the first point, budgeting will not only ensure that the trip is affordably planned but will prevent any tension within your brood. It’s also important to budget for any unexpected expenses, so should this occur, there’s no indecision as to who will be footing the surprise bill.

Divide and conquer

Although it’s tempting to put one person in charge, when things do go wrong the blame is usually shifted onto this person. Sharing responsibilities also makes processes go much quicker.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Regardless of how much planning you do, there’s bound to be one or two hiccups along the way. As long as you’ve got all the major elements covered, such as budgets, accommodation, and dinner arrangements, any minor inconvenience is water under the bridge.

Find accommodation that accommodates everyone 

When trying to find accommodation for a large group of people, it’s important to do your research as well as take everyone’s preferences into consideration. If your group is larger and you want to keep everyone together, consider booking a hotel that can accommodate a large number of people and also decide whether you want a family suite – rooms that can house family units – or individual rooms if members don’t mind being split up at night.

So if you’re in the planning stages of your family reunion and are looking forward to a hitch-free getaway, cross “book accommodation” off your to-do list by booking your stay at Seven Villa by The Capital today.