Travel Secrets to Help Choose a Family Reunion Destination

Oct 31, 2022

Family reunions are great in theory; getting together with the people you love and care about, catching up and having fun as a family. But planning a holiday for so many people can be a challenge, from booking accommodation to finding exciting things to do together, so it’s important to do your research to find a suitable destination for your getaway.

Top 8 travel secrets for choosing a family reunion destination


Choose accommodation  

When it comes to choosing accommodation for a family trip, it’s important to keep each individual’s needs in mind. Not only that, but it’s equally important to communicate with everyone. Perhaps you’re the type of family that enjoys doing everything together, or maybe you tend to break off into groups every now and again to find activities best suited to your ages or personalities. The same goes for accommodation. If you’re accustomed to lodgings that house your entire family, you’ll be looking for larger accommodation, whereas if you’re happy to keep family units separate, individual units are for you.

Delegate tasks and responsibilities

Divide and conquer! If you’re the go-to holiday planner for your family, it may be hard to relinquish some control over the planning of your family reunion. But not only will sharing the load make things less stressful for you, but the rest of the family will enjoy being part of the process and making their own contributions. Delegating tasks to other members is beneficial if your family is more of a clan or small village. You can still oversee the whole process but you won’t be losing sleep over every detail

Create packing lists

If you’re not typically a packing list person, now’s the time to start. Every destination will have its own unique requirements. For example, sunscreen and swimwear for the beach or comfortable footwear for city sightseeing. Ensuring that everyone knows precisely what to pack avoids last minute dashes

Plan something for everyone 

Wherever your destination, make sure to find a variety of different activities for every family member. At a family reunion, you will want to do most activities together so it’s vital to choose a destination that offers family-friendly entertainment options. However, don’t expect everyone to participate in every activity and don’t force them to either. In this case, it’s important to plan backup activities or to find more suitable ones to take part in.

Be realistic with budgets 

When planning a multigenerational vacation, be conscious of everyone’s budget. Make sure that expenses are fair and shared equally. Opt for a destination that is within the collective budget and make sure that you still have money set aside for the rest of the holiday. Depending on your family, some may be able to contribute more than others, which can relieve pressure on those who can’t. Make sure to discuss who will pay for what. And also make some room for unexpected expenses.

Budgets should cover everything from accommodation and meals to entertainment and souvenirs. Make sure you go over everything with a fine-toothed comb because once a budget is set, an unexpected expense may have you asking everyone to dig deep into their pockets.

Make memories

It’s important to capture every moment of your time together, especially if you live apart. This is why finding a destination you all can enjoy is highly recommended so you are able to do activities as one big family.

Relax and enjoy

And lastly, but most importantly, enjoy your time together. While the planning process can give you a headache or two, your family reunion is an opportunity to spend quality time with each other.

Family holidays can be stressful but, above all, they’re made for memories and sharing good times with the people you love. If you’re planning a family reunion and have chosen the City of Gold, consider booking your multigenerational holiday at Seven Villa Hotel & Spa by The Capital.